Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dr. Marla Butke
Ashland University Department of Music is offering a summer graduate mini-conference for general music and choral teachers on July 23 to 27 in Room 242 of the Center for the Arts.  The 5-day conference offers an exciting and unique format including daily eurhythmics and folk dancing along with 20 different workshops presented in 3-hour sessions.

Organized by Dr. Marla Butke, coordinator of music education, other clinicians for the conference include Ron Blackley, Dara Gillis, Arlene Jacobs, Brian Nabors, Janelle Roshong, Roger Sams, C. M. Shearer, Trishah Snowden, Julie Swank, Jim Tinter and Jeanne Wohlgamuth.  The clinicians will lead workshops focusing on Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff methodologies, middle school lessons and recorders; as well as conducting, diction, spirituals, show choir, musical theatre, and repertoire for elementary, middle and high schools.

Cost for the conference for three graduate credit hours is $825 or $300 for non-credit.  Registration can be made online through the Summer Graduate Workshop link at https://www.ashland.edu/academics/education/profdev/register.php?WID=20596&CID=2, or by contacting Dr. Butke at mbutke@ashland.edu or 614.581.4746.  Registration is due by July 1 while payment is due the first day of the workshop.